Trip of Alpine dairies and refuges




From Moena

  • Duration: 5 h
  • Length: 9 km
  • Ascent: 400 m

Loop excursion in the woods of Alpe Lusia with stopovers in the different cottages. From Valbona (1820 m), go towards Malga Pozza, along a short plain segment to a crossroad with the signal “Sentiero Natura” and route n. 625. This is a pleasant path, going downhill, with educational road signs along the route and leads to Larezila Refuge (1761 m).

Proceed on the right side for a short climb to a crossroad. Keep the left on the route, which with easy hairpin turns, leads to the sunny clearing in Colvere (1880 m), where there is an abandoned Alpine cottage. In Colvere, you can visit the chalet, which has been recently restored by the Municipality of Moena. Crossing the clearing on the right, turn to “Troi de Le Mandre”, which leads to Lusia Refuge. Behind the refuge, the route n. 632 starts, which, halfway, leads to Malga Pozza and going down the forestry route, you reach Valbona Chalet, where you left.


Take the cable car from Ronchi to Valbona (1820 m) where the path starts.

TIPS: do not lose the chance to have a snack in one of the typical refuges of Alpe Lusia: it is always the right time to enjoy a piece of apple Strudel or a nice dish of speck and cheese.