Gravity Scooters


Downhill Gravity Scooter in the Dolomites

TRy a DOWNHILL slope with our mountain giant gravity scooter


  • Length:3 km
  • Difference in height:400 m
  • Minimum age: 10 years old

Jump on a Gravity Scooter to try the euphoria of a downhill on ski slope during summer and to try an alternative outdoor activity among the wonderful scenario of the Dolomites. Alpe Lusia is the first place in Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa, where you can experiment a downhill onboard these strange means of transport.

Gravity Scooter are just mountain giant push scooters; they do not have any pedals, rather they exploit the gravity force to work. Beside granting a greater security and control, contrary to mountain bikes, the centred and vertical posture, well fastened to feet, will give you a sensation similar to Alpine ski. You do not need to be an expert biker to drive a scooter. Boys and girls over 10 years old can try this thrilling experience too.

The path twists and turns for 3 km in the wide valley of Lusia, from Le Cune to Valbona, with 400 m of altitude difference, passing alongside marmots and grazing cows. The price of rent includes the ticket for the ski lift and the compulsory helmet.

Rent + ski lift  


8,00 € 
Boys and Girls 10-16 years old  6,00 € 

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