Travel safe on Alpe Lusia lifts

travel Safe on alpe lusia lifts

we have adopted the following safety rules in order to let you travel safe

  • The access in reduced to the 50% of the maximum capacity, except for members of a single family unit:
    • Cable car Moena (Ronchi - Valbona - Le Cune) MAX 4 PEOPLE;
    • Cable car Bellamonte (Castelir - Le Fassane - La Morea) MAX 5 PEOPLE.
  • Chairlifts have a maximum load of 100% of vehicle capacity, with obligatory mask use, and it is reduced to 50% if the chairlift is used with the windscreens closed;
  • Keep always a distance of at least 1 meter from other passengers;
  • The aeration inside the cabins is guaranteed by the open windows;
  • Wear a face mask on board of any lift and in all the common waiting areas by the stations;
  • Remember to clean your hands with the sanitizer provided by the ticket offices and wherever indicated.
  • Commonly touched surfaces and cabins are regularly sanitized.
  • You can safely buy your tickets online.

These regulations and hygienic-sanitary indications are activated in compliance with national and provincial laws, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.